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Central Physical Therapy is currently the only comprehensive “Certified Concussion Health Provider” in Louisiana. CPT offers athletes a whole new level of concussion testing. No longer do parents and coaches have to worry about putting their student-athletes at risk for suffering potentially devastating “second impact syndrome.” Under the direction of Certified Athletic Trainer Erik Strahan, DPT and Vestibular Specialist Richard O’'Quinn, the same Biodex System CPT uses for fall prevention plays a pivotal role in the diagnosis and care of concussions. That’'s because the same loss of balance that leads to falls is a hallmark sign of concussion.

Central PT Concussion Management Biodex

By comparing an athlete’s pre-injury Biodex test results, AKA baseline test, to post impact results the Biodex offers doctors, trainers and coaches the most comprehensive screening yet for knowing when it’s safe for an athlete to return to play. Biodex concussion testing is based on best practices, objective data and clinical protocols. Central Physical Therapy provides baseline concussion testing, including post concussion treatment and training on high performing athletes from all over the region.

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To learn more, watch these videos:

Click here to watch a TV News report on why preseason balance testing utilizing new technology like CPT's Biodex machine is so important for all athletes. The report by WAFB Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Vowell features Central Physical Therapy Certified Athletic Trainer Erik Strahan explaining the role of baseline testing in CPT's overall Concussion Management Program.

One of our PTs was on local ESPN Radio today talking about a new device some say will reduce concussions. Click here to listen.

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