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Aquatic is for: Multiple Sclerosis, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Back Pain, Total Joint Replacement, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Extreme Fitness, Gentle Fitmess
Remember you do not have to see a doctor first before calling for your appointment: 225-261-7094

Our 92 Degree Pool Hold 10,000 Gallons of Bromine/Ozone Purified Water that is Gentler on your Skin and Eyes 16’X15’X4’ FOR MOST THERAPY SESSIONS • 6'X4'X8' FOR DEEP WATER ACTIVITIES TWO FASTLANE CURRENT GENERATORS FOR RESISTED SWIMMING OR RUNNING


Aquatic Therapy Aquatic Therapy Aquatic Therapy Aquatic Therapy Aquatic Therapy Aquatic Therapy

Central Physical Therapy Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy

Central Physical Therapy, LLC is committed to providing a clean, healthy, productive and safe workplace for all its associates and to promote the health and well-being of associates and visitors while on Company property. While Central Physical Therapy has no desire to intrude in the private lives of its associates, we recognize the need to establish a smoke and tobacco-free work environment. When possible, Central Physical Therapy will restrict smoking and tobacco use on Company property.

Policy for locations where smoking onsite is prohibited:
Central Physical Therapy is a smoke and tobacco-free campus. This policy is in effect for all associates, temporary employees, consultants, contractors, customers and visitors. The use of all tobacco products will be prohibited, including: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes and other tobacco related products.

There will be no designated smoking areas. Smoking anywhere on the property, including in personal vehicles is not permitted. Signs clearly stating this policy are posted at all locations where smoking onsite is prohibited.

Associates who choose to smoke, may do so off property on their unpaid lunch period only. Smoking during paid work hours is not permitted. The littering of tobacco-related products on the grounds or parking lots is prohibited. Respect for neighboring property should be shown at all times, including not smoking, loitering, littering, or otherwise representing Central Physical Therapy Companies in a negative light.

Responsibilities and Enforcement:
Any person not complying with this policy shall be asked to extinguish their smoking materials or dispose of other tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and, if the person does not extinguish or dispose of their tobacco product after being asked to do so, it may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Any person who observes violations of this policy may report these violations to any manager, leadership, Human Resources or Facility Services in Central Physical Therapy.

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